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Helping heart-centred, ethics-led business women find their future friends, clients and collaborators.


Standard and premium membership to the tribe with huge benefits and discounts.

Social events and business development workshops.


Event Planning One to One Workshop
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Your personal four hour workshop where we will nail your event concept and create a solid event plan. 

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Our Mission

At Co-Women we believe in equality for everybody regardless of background, age, gender, sexuality, difference in ability, quirks and fetishes. 

We exist to make entrepreneurship a viable option for everybody.

However, there are still many challenges ahead to create a fair professional environment for men and women alike.  We’re here to give women a leg up. So we can collectively make a contribution to closing the gender pay gap, end discrimination and empower female voices in a male dominated world.

Built by women for women, we exist to support female entrepreneurs and business owners to grow with purpose and integrity. 

Co-Women is an ethics led business - not just because we are demonstrably reducing our carbon footprint but because we have a human first approach to everything we do. We prioritise well-being over profit and sanity over status. 

We run events to motivate and inspire. 

Our membership programme offers a chance to collaborate and skill-share as well as access discounts from local businesses. 

Our co-working space is a nurturing environment that supports, conversation, ideas, collaboration and community.

Fundamentally, were here to support your success however you chose to define it. 


About Jo Child

Event Consultant and Founder of Co-Women

Jo Child is an advocate for underdogs, a champion for misfits and a self confessed kindness junkie. She wants all women to utilise their individual uniqueness to drive themselves forwards in their lives and in their businesses. She's not one to shy away from tough topics and is outspoken about mental health and neurodiversity. She openly welcomes women of all working backgrounds and actively works hard to provide a protective and inclusive environment for women who work in the adult industry, supporting the cause "sex work is work" She has built Co-Women because she sees the need to keep pushing positive feminism for societal change. She is genuinely passionate about smashing down walls between women, uniting them, eviscerating stigma and judgement, building confidence and creating a special community.
Jo is also an Ask Me Ambassador for the domestic abuse charity Rise, and hosts events in the city to raise funds and awareness.


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07814 736486

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