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Yes we talk a bit of business, but we also talk about EVERYTHING else! We welcome women of any age, profession and background. You can be employed, working freelance, running a small business or running the world (who run da world?) All we ask is that all Co-women members are supportive of one another, inclusive and kind.


Co-Women is a place for women to - Rave, Rant, Retreat & Rewrite The Rules!

Welcome to the social club for Sussex women in business. We know you love to have a great time, connect with like-minded successful women and enjoy exciting new events and experiences. 

We also know how busy you are, and that's why Jo and Becky are here to take care of your social life while you take care of business! We create top quality, joy filled events guaranteed to excite you and help you meet friends, clients and collaborators. 

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About Jo Child

Founder of Co-Women

Chief Bringer of JOY to Sussex Women in Business

Hi, I'm Jo!


My sole purpose here at Co-Women is to build a social community for sucessful business women, who understand that to thrive in life is to prioritise joy! It's my mission to connect great women, providing uniquely created, high-quality and exciting events to be enjoyed and shared in like-minded company. 

Success is a mindset, underpinned by a healthy work/life/wellness balance and as long as women are committed to themselves, I'm here for them, whether that's women with six-figure enterprises, or those just starting out. I'm an advocate for underdogs, a champion for misfits and a self-confessed kindness junkie. I want all women to utilise their individual uniqueness to drive themselves forwards in their lives and in their businesses. I'm not one to shy away from tough topics and I'm outspoken about mental health and neurodiversity. I openly welcome women of all working backgrounds and actively work hard to provide a protective and inclusive environment for women in all work industries, including the adult industry. 


I'm genuinely passionate about smashing down walls between women, uniting them, eviscerating stigma and judgement, building confidence, and creating a special community.

I'm also an Ask Me Ambassador for the domestic abuse charity RISE, and host events in the city to raise funds and awareness.

ALL women belong here, I'm learning along the way and educating myself by getting out there and speaking to women of all backgrounds to make sure that this community is representative of everything that we stand for including trans rights, ethnic equality, neurodiversity inclusion, and menstrual health awareness. Co-Women is more than a social events and networking platform. We're a political movement, striving to make this world a better place for all women.