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Arieli Jewellery: Co-Women Meet the Stores Helping You Through Lockdown

Just because we're in lockdown doesn't mean we must spend every day in our PJ's, as tempting as that may be. Don't wait for a special occasion, every day is special! Why not make today the day you dress up and cook a nice meal at home? I catch up with Laura Galligani from Arieli Jewllery to find out about her gorgeous designs.

Please tell us about your business and what you offer?

My business is Arieli Jewellery and I design, make and refurbish jewellery. I offer unique handmade jewellery pieces made from an eclectic mix of materials from around the world. I love to mix items including gems, crystals, shells, silver and leather to create something beautiful and different.

How long have you been based in Brighton?

I’m Italian and moved to London 18 years ago, where my jewellery was sold in Selfridges, this was the catalyst for me to stay in England. I’ve since moved to Brighton in 2006, I absolutely love it and consider it my home.

What challenges has your business faced since we went into lockdown?

I love meeting new people, and this is an important part of business for me, the internet is great, but the human contact side is what I've missed since lockdown.

Would you say that the Support Local Facebook group and website have been a help to your business?

I’ve had an increase in website traffic and a few new clients as a result of the local support.

What advice would you give to anyone who is struggling right now?

I would say to those struggling through these tricky times, to try and keep active and be productive. For me I like to get up, exercise, put on some lippy and get ready for my day.

What happy song makes you dance in your kitchen?!

"She’s a maniac” from the film Flashdance.

Anything further you'd like to tell us?

My best platform for selling is @arieli_jewellery on instagram, keep an eye out for special offers.

If you would like to feature your business in our Support Local series, email

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