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Countdown to Co-Women Does Christmas!

Co-Women’s famous Christmas Party in Brighton is now only eight weeks away! Here’s why Co-Founder, Becky, thinks that you should join us…

Whilst there’s still plenty to get excited about as 2023 steadily draws to a close, I already know that one of my highlights will be the Co-Women Christmas Party. Why am I looking forward to it? Read on to find out.

Christmas Party for self-employed women in Brighton and Sussex My wildest partying days were put behind me during my first jobs after university, but one of my key concerns about becoming a freelancer was having a lack of natural social life. This has happened to a lot of people thanks to the workplace shifting due to COVID, but being an employee does still mean that you have people to talk to.

And no, clients don’t count as a self-employed person! Because even for those of us who have quite a touchy-feely relationship with our clients (I’m a personal trainer, so I know all about their lives, and they know an appropriate amount about mine!), there’s a line that you tend not to cross. We all need someone to have a whinge or a cry at, and that’s where social clubs like Co-Women come in.

Plus, we are obviously here for the good days as well as the bad: Christmas is a great time to celebrate all that has been positive throughout the year, so we come together for a party to share in that.

Food, drink and games We take the eat, drink and be merry idea seriously. Our Party takes place at The Grand Hotel, Brighton, and we have our own private room with a host so that we can fully relax. You will be treated to a three-course dinner, plus drinks, and Jo and I will ensure that the entertainment lasts all night.

As with all good parties, there’s a chance for you to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and get to know each other better by playing some very adult party games. And if that’s not enough, we’ll also be crowning the winners of our annual Co-Women awards – prepare yourself for some laughter among the speeches!

Networking really can be fun At Co-Women, we believe in prioritising joy in all aspects of our lives. We know that, to show up better for ourselves and our businesses, we also need to be happy, which is why we throw a Party befitting of our natures. This is your chance to celebrate yourself, your business, and your friends all in one night, and see 2023 out in appropriate (or perhaps inappropriate, we don’t judge!) fashion.

Because our Christmas Party is so good, it is an event exclusively for current Co-Women members, but the good news is that you can join us today, AND still book your place at our premier event. So sign up, save the date, reserve your spot, and get to picking out what you’ll wear at the best party you’ve not yet been to.

When and where is the Co-Women Christmas Party? Join us at The Grand, Brighton, on Thursday 14th December 2023. Full details will be sent via email so that you can choose what you’d like to eat and drink in advance, plus information on how to receive your Secret Santa pick, and how to drop hints for the person who is allocated to buy you a present (feel free to not be subtle at all!).

We can’t wait to welcome you on the night – what are you waiting for?

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