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Give yourself the gift of a self-employed Christmas party!

One of the highlights of the Co-Women calendar is our members-only Christmas party. In 2021, we shook off the COVID cobwebs in style, with a fantastic night at The Grand in Brighton.

With a private dining space for us to enjoy and feel free to do what pleases us, there was food, drink and plenty of laughs. The entire ethos of Co-Women is to bring businesswomen together in a joyful manner, and having been self-employed for many years, I’m well aware that it can be a lonely business. As the days get darker and shorter, and Christmas creeps up with no office chat about plans, parties and presents, this can lead to a bit of a spiral in my experience, and that’s why it was important to me to plan some festivities for us all.

It allows us to come together and celebrate, even though we work independently. It’s a chance to catch up and share business ideas if we want to, or discuss our social lives and exchange gifts – because why should being self-employed be a barrier to having a Secret Santa?! Yes, we run one too! It’s obviously a little different: you don’t have the option of, when you draw Jan from Accounts as your pick, nabbing Alice from the same department in the office kitchen to get sneaky ideas on what to buy. Thankfully, the internet is a big help and, when you book your ticket to the do, there’s also a link to click through and sign up to receive a Secret Santa. The platform we use also offers you the opportunity to create a wishlist (you can even include links to external sites) and give your Santa some hints.

This year, we’re going back to The Grand for round two, with our date booked for Thursday 15th December – now just 6 weeks away (I know, I can’t believe it either!). Whilst this is a members only event, there’s still time to sign up to be part of Co-Women, AND book your place at our Christmas party.

All you need to do is apply for membership here, then once you’ve completed the process, you’ll be able to book here for the Christmas party.

We’d love to have you along to share in the joy – as well as Secret Santa, we’ll be playing a few games and keeping ourselves entertained with three courses of food, a welcome drink on arrival, and half a bottle of wine included in the ticket price.

Of course, there are other benefits to joining Co-Women: you’ll have your business listed here on our website and be able to contribute to our blog; you’ll access member pricing to all of our events, and be first to know what’s happening when; and you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group, plus our WhatsApp group, which we regularly use to share updates, or put out requests for assistance with all manner of business and personal queries!

As well as the Christmas party, we’ve already got several other events confirmed towards the end of this year, with more still to come. The Christmas party is set to be our final one before we take a break to enjoy the holidays, and then the plan is to return in January and continue supporting each other through what will undoubtedly be a challenging time. However, as the world continues to steadily recover from the issues we’ve faced during the last couple of years, I have no doubt that Co-Women will become an even stronger community.

So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to welcome you.

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