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Jenny Barrett



SuperLooper is a not-for-profit online service helping to create a low waste wardrobe of gorgeous pre-loved baby clothes which parents rent for as long as they’re needed. It’s also a home for outgrown baby clothes which are given to the library by parents and brands doing a conscious clear-out of their cupboards - we recycle so they don’t have to! Babies grow so fast and often don’t get to wear a lot of their clothes. In fact there are over 180 million items of outgrown baby clothes stored away and doing nothing in UK cupboards, so we want to get those lovely things back out into circulation for as long as possible. We work with brands like Little Green Radicals and their customers who send their outgrown organic clothes to the library in exchange for discounts on their next purchase with the brand. We keep our rental prices to the minimum so that parents can save money, cupboard space and time as well as doing something positive to help save our planet.

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Jenny Barrett
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