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Jo Baldwin

Soul Mentoring and Healing

Jo Baldwin Soul Mentor

Soul mentoring and healing is offered with compassion and time to explore any shadows and challenges. Through the process of acknowledgment and acceptance healing can occur for any wounds. The heaing offered is done through lived experience of trauma and challenging relationships as well as time as a police officer in the city of Bristol. An ability to 'read' people's souls and their journeys (present and past lives - 'Akashic fields') has been present since I was a child, and which I now offer to those who wish to delve deeper into their epigenetic story and make sense of their lives. I have written and published books on the topics of leadership, equality, mental health and colour. I am the patron and trustee of domestic abuse support charity Soul Sisters Empowering People UK, and a mentor and facilitator at Safehaven Men's project based in Brighton. I swear by yoga and having a morning practice, and can generally be found on or near the beach in Hove with my little Yorkie, Nala.

25% discount offered to co-women for my monthly mentoring & healing

Jo Baldwin
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