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RISE Women


RISE stands for Refuge, Information, Support and Education. RISE is the Sussex domestic violence and abuse charity that’s worked for 28 years to end all forms of violence and abuse against women, their families and those identifying as LGBT+. Our vision is ‘Freedom from Abuse and Violence’ RISE is the only local specialist, women-led provider of domestic abuse services (set up for 27 years). Research (Walby and Towers, 2018) finds that 91% of domestic violence crimes that cause injuries are against women. Women experience higher rates of repeated victimisation and are more likely to be seriously hurt or killed than men. In 21/22 we supported 828 adults and 141 children across our services The average number of calls to our helpline increased from 110 per month to 152 per month an increase of nearly 40% How do we solve the problem? By building on our women-centred approach with survivors of domestic abuse recognising that women's inequality is both a cause and consequence of violence and abuse and that layers of oppression such as racism and disability further compound this inequality. Alongside our helpline and specialist casework we will create survivor-centred, accessible (for disabled women) therapeutic and well-being groups and peer-support (Remote and face-to-face) staffed by trauma-focused DVA experts.

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RISE Women
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