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Sally Garozzo

Hypnotherapist - Singing Teacher - Course Content Creator

Hypnotherapy with Sally Garozzo

I’m a multi award winning Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy and to this day I’ve served hundreds of clients. I was an early adopter of this method in 2017 and I trained with world renowned therapist Marisa Peer. I continue my learning every day by consuming audio books. Some of favourite authors are: Gabor Mate, Johann Hari, Esther Perel, Nicole Le Pera, Jody Day, Dr Amir Levine, David R Hamilton, Kate Codrington, Dr Mindy Pelz, William Whitecloud, Gretchen Rubin, David Robson and Maisie Hill to name a few. I try to take a balanced view between collectivism and individualism which is often challenging in today's capitalist society, however I aim to take a 360 degree view of life. I’m hugely passionate about every single client that walks through my door or enters my zoom room. My vast array of knowledge, skills and expertise have been generated as a direct result of working deeply, on a 121 basis, with so many clients through my adult working life. Before I became an RTT therapist I was (and still am) a singing teacher. Singing is a powerful tool for growth and change too but before I hit peri menopause I was all about being on stage and showing off. There was nothing wrong with that but as I went through my midlife transition that started to feel fake and performative and a new identity started to emerge. I became interested in the menopause transition because perimenopause hit me like a ton of bricks when I was 38 and then again when I was 42, but what I didn’t realise was that the menopause transition wasn’t just about the pathology of declining hormones. To say that really diminishes the potency it has to transform our lives. Even though I certified in Peri to Post Menopausal Wellness in 2019 it was only later that I began to fully understand the ‘medicine of menopause.’ Perimenopause (including all my symptoms both mental, physical, emotional and circumstantial) have lead me to living authentically. Becoming a therapist, combined with the menopause transition, instigated a deep change in my personality and a monumental shift in my inner identity. Understanding who I am with declining female hormones has been the most eye opening journey I’ve ever been on. I am hugely passionate about the power of the midlife crisis. Even though it feels like hell when we are going through it, it has the potential to catapult our lives so much, that we hardly recognise ourselves when we look back. You might be interested in my top rated podcast The Menopause Mindset. You might be interested to know that I have had lived experience of dealing with and navigating: Anxiety - low mood - insomnia - disordered eating - body image issues - perfectionism - people pleasing - fear of public speaking - money blocks - anxious/avoidant attachment - sexual issues - workaholism and degenerative disc disease. I'm proud to say that I've spoken alongside world renowned nutritionist Marylin Glenville, I've been interviewed in Coach magazine, delivered multiple talks for the fire service about menopause and founded and sold Inspiring Talks Brighton. I've also interviewed Meg Matthews on my podcast!! I've very proud of those things but honestly, it's my clients who I'm most proud of. I know that it takes courage to invest in RTT and I don't take your decision to work with me lightly.

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Sally Garozzo
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