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Because entrepreneurship doesn't have to be lonely or isolating.

There is another way.

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Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • I find working for myself lonely at times. 

  • I need joyful social events with like-minded women, to be myself with and without censorship.

  • I'd love to meet more women in business but I'm anxious of judgement or I struggle with imposter syndrome.

  • I don't want to stand up and pitch.

  • I need more than business support. I need connection.

  • I'm tired of being held back or feeling like I don't fit  because of my disability/neurodiversity.

  • I work in the adult industry and struggle to find a business network that will welcome me. 

  • I've tried networking before and I hated it.

At Co-Women we hear you , and these feelings are more common than you think and shared by many, many women. 

Working for yourself is challenging and at times can be exhausting. Without the right support and encouragement how much more time can you give to your business before you start to feel even more burnt out? 

You've probably heard the phrase "be the woman who fixes another woman's crown without telling the world it was crooked" Co-Women are the genuine, authentic tribe that you've been looking for, we mean what we say about women supporting women, operating a strict "no clique" policy.

We celebrate women from all industries, including those in which other groups may have once made you feel uncomfortable, including women in the adult industry.

We are always learning about diversity, mental health and issues around the world so that we can always provide the services needed by each individual member.

Being a Co-Women member is a responsibility to yourself and others in the community. We give as much as we receive and are not just some faceless membership platform that takes your money and forgets your face! We get to know YOU, and we love you to pledge your support to other women in the community, attending events, engaging online and playing an active role.

We are women for women. We are your business family. Sign up to this very special membership and take advantage of great events, skill sharing, social gatherings and help with business development. 

Our event calendar is varied, and  guaranteed to provide as much business support as much as it is emotional support, fun and raucous laughter. You will also be hleping us to support our charity partner, RISE.

RISE is a domestic abuse charity based in Brighton. £1 when you first sign up and £1 from every ticket sold is donated to the charity.

I personally cannot wait to welcome you to the Co-Women community, where all women are valued and where we strive for positive feminism as a collective for societal change.

"OK Jo but I have some concerns"

“Networking makes me cringe”
I hear you on this, loud and clear. Women need connections formed from integrity. Valuable time spent actually getting to know a person, not forced, fake environments where all anyone says is “what do you do then?” before shoving a business card in your hand. You need to look at Co-Women as a place where networking and solid business connections happen naturally, miraculously whilst you’re having fun. You won’t ever be expected to put yourself on the spot and pitch your business with us. You are 100% welcome to talk about what motivates you each day, what you had for breakfast and to share a dirty joke or two because we like an inappropriate titter!

“I’m so new in my business, I find female entrepreneur groups intimidating”
Every single woman at Co-Women was new once. All members remember where they came from and pass on nothing but encouragement and total respect. No one here denies that starting a business is hard. Period. When we say we’re here to support you, we mean it. No clique. No bullshit.

“I work in the adult industry so l won’t fit in or be taken seriously”
Co-Women celebrates diversity and totally endorses sex work as work. You are valid, you are supported and you belong here.

“I don’t know anyone, and I struggle to meet new people”
No scary intros, no hard sell pitches, and if you feel uneasy at the start, pull up a chair next to me while you suss us out.

“My business hasn’t made a profit yet, therefore I’m not established enough to be here”
Your bank account has absolutely NOTHING to do with your value as a woman, friend, entrepreneur and human being. We want to know YOU, not your wallet.

“I’ve nothing to wear!”
Ah ok you’ve got me there! All I can say to this one is I’m sure you look gorgeous in whatever you have already darling! I’ll admit I can’t help with wardrobe dilemmas but what I can do is bring genuine, real women together for connections that matter.

"OK Jo you've convinced me this is the tribe I've been needing all this time! What does my membership include?"

Your business family of cheerleaders

Support when you need it

Discounted events

Listing on our members page

Send out your latest news in our Monthly newsletter

Website members forum

See you very soon!

Jo x 

Founder of Co-Women

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4. At checkout you will be asked for your Paypal or credit card details. No payment will be taken until your free trial ends and you can cancel any time. 
5. If you experience any further difficulties please email jo@co-women,.org

You know how much I ruddy love the Co-Women group. I have not come across any other group that would encourage me to scream at the woods when the world is annoying me