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Bryony Hamerton

Founder & Lead Yoga Therapist

Be Yoga

My journey with yoga began in the '90s, initially as a personal refuge from anxiety. It soon transformed into a profound passion for sharing the healing powers of yoga with others.

I started teaching in 2008 and have over 12,000 hours of teaching experience, I've dedicated myself to nurturing a space where individuals can explore yoga's transformative potential. Be Yoga, based in Hayward's Heath, Sussex, is more than a studio – it's a sanctuary where everyone, regardless of their age or ability, can find a style of yoga that resonates with their stage of life.

My approach to yoga is deeply rooted in its therapeutic aspects. Having completed extensive training in yoga therapy, children's yoga, and special yoga for specific needs, I bring a wealth of knowledge and compassion to my classes and training programmes. I'm also a supervisor on The Minded Institute Yoga Therapy 550 hr training, where I continue to expand my expertise and mentor future yoga therapists.

Be Yoga reflects my belief that yoga is for everyone. It's a place where the community comes first, and where each class is an opportunity to connect, grow, and find peace. Beyond the mat, I enjoy the rhythm of nature, from the tranquility of walking Clover (my cockapoo) in the morning, a cold dip in the sea, or ecstatic dance at a festival at sunset, believing that these moments of connection with nature deeply enrich our practice and lives.

Join us at Be Yoga, where we embark on a journey of wellness, discovering the balance and harmony that yoga can bring to both our minds and bodies.

Bryony Hamerton
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