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Cate Grundy

Friendly Fox Design Ltd.

Hi there! I'm Cate Grundy, founder of Friendly Fox Design Ltd. We're pioneers in blending education with play to craft interactive, Augmented Reality (AR) trails that not only captivate but also educate. Whether it’s exploring a nature trail enhanced with AR or engaging with interactive signage, our creations are designed to foster a love for learning and the outdoors.

At Friendly Fox, we specialise in creating AR experiences that bring educational content to life in the most unexpected places. Our trails are perfect for landowners looking to attract new visitors or educators aiming to offer more dynamic learning environments. These adventures encourage physical activity and environmental stewardship by taking screens outdoors in a meaningful way.

I believe in making learning accessible and fun. There's something magical about seeing both kids and adults light up as they interact with our designs. It’s about making those connections between people, the environment, and technology that truly make a difference in how we view and interact with the world around us.

Are you looking to create unique educational experiences on your property or need an innovative way to teach complex concepts? I’d love to collaborate and bring your space to life with our AR trails. Let’s connect and transform how people engage with your land or educational content.

I'm not just about tech; I love hands-on creativity! From using Adobe tools to sketching out ideas in 3D CAD, I enjoy every aspect of design from concept to reality. I’m also passionate about sustainability and ensuring our projects are environmentally conscious.

Cate Grundy
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