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Gerrie Hawes

Corporate Behavioural Psychologist

Remotely Human

Why is my company called Remotely Human? Well, thanks for asking! My work often leads into events and experiences (in person and online) though my magic is often found in the work that precedes the event.

There are three Remotely Human things I focus on:

  1. I help teams connect on a human level when we work remotely. A lot of us are working remotely, some or all of the time. I help teams connect and collaborate better by building community and clarifying purpose, context and the longer term vision. I also help teams celebrate successes.

  2. I help leaders become (remotely) human. I do this by helping them take care of themselves (and role modelling this) and to build teams with high psychological safety. Leaders often struggle with 'soft skills' (I prefer to call them core skills .... or human skills). I help leaders improve and role mode their Happiness, Optimism, Playfulness and Empathy (H-O-P-E). I sometimes coach 121, but usually run programmes and events for the C-suite, top 100 and top 500 leaders.

  3. As work becomes remotely human, I focus on the human part for the future of work. Our relationship with tech is shifting from enabler to partners. This new tech era means we no longer need to 'be the machine'. I help humans be more human... so the tech can can do what it does best, and we can use our human competitive advantages to make the future better, brighter and human (yes - we do have some traits that machines can mimic but not feel).

I often work from home, though I do facilitate the sessions in person, all over the world. These are increasingly rare, making them extraordinarily special opportunities to meet and connect with colleagues they see daily on their screens at home. My job is to make them special, memorable, useful and enjoyable.

I have joined Co-Women because you are all strong, inspiring souls who are doing incurable things. I've yet to meet a bad'un! My remote work means I need human connection... and you are my kind of humans!

Other stuff... I love a boogie. Funk, Soul and Dance are my genres. I also love quirky oddness. I've got a very old, rusty camper (called Gina) - and in summer I go all 'digital nomad' and escape the UK. working from the hotspot when needed.

Gerrie Hawes
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