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Lisa Westbury


Lisa Westbury Coaching

What if you knew that your unique way of leading could make a powerful difference?

Supporting people to grow and be at their best is at the heart of Lisa’s work. She’s worked in high pressure environments, led teams through substantial change and experienced the ups and downs of managing a career alongside family life.

For the past 14 years she has developed a professional coaching practice to support women’s career potential, and to help develop teams to do great work together. She draws on a rich blend of systemic, somatic and career coaching techniques honed over 1500 hours of practice.

Whether you want to gain clarity, increase confidence or make the next leap in the way you lead and manage relationships, Lisa can help you to open up new perspectives and develop invaluable resources you can use again and again. She is known for creating safe spaces, offering valuable insights, and supportively challenging clients to step into their talents.

Lisa loves collaborating, co-creating ideas and supporting women through different phases of their life and career. And where better to do that? Connection, community, the sea are a big part of what makes Brighton and Hove so special. So get in touch for a chat!

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Lisa Westbury
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