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Megan Stephens

Founder/Just Very Cool Person


I am just knocking about trying to help people -COP26 & G7 Keynote Speaker -Owner of Sochelle (An ethical digital marketing agency specialising on unique platforms Twitch/Pinterest/Reddit/Tik Tok/Quora) -Interviewed by the Institute of Directors -Collaborated with Cornwall/Essex/Glasgow Chamber of Commerce -Combined personal social media following 20k -Google Campus endorsed Start-Up Advisor I got my introduction to start-ups through working in the online estate agency space and I was hooked from there. I spent years in London helping any small business in any way alongside gaining my Psychology degree. I hung out in every coworking space and networked all the time now I am working on levelling up my reach. I regularly speak on panels and at events on behalf of young business owners and have a real soft spot for the sustainability space. My digital marketing company, Sochelle, offers unique and out of the box solutions for companies or businesses that may have struggled in the traditional online spaces When I am not chit chatting about ethical business practises or weird digital marketing strategy you can find me reading terrible fiction books in overpriced coffee shops. I am a religious spin class participant and I am learning Urdu

Megan Stephens
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