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Moyra Scott

Artist and Business Coach

Moyra Scott

I am a walker between the worlds of magic and logic.

I am at heart an Artist. I am in my happy place being creative; painting, generating ideas, following creative quests…. And I am a business coach, and a productivity expert no less, with many years of experience working with people in many walks of life, from the UN to Cambridge University, to arts charities, photographers, artists and healers.

I spark creativity in others via my WILD ART courses AND I help creatives and creative business owners, translate their big dreams and nebulous visions into practical down to earth steps you can actually do.

On the one hand my head is in the clouds and stars but my feet are firmly planted on the ground. I like to make things happen. And I understand and can make simple and light and easy the mechanics of how to do that.

I create ARTISTS. I help creative LEADERS build their dreams. This is my work. I love the energy and the magic that can happen when you decide to follow that dream.

If you have a desire to be more creative, or to make that creativity work for you, in a way that feels damn good and earns you more money than you thought was possible. That enables you to impact the world in a meaningful and magical way. I would love to hear from you.

Moyra Scott
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