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Stephanie Crechriou


Hyppanie Essence & Felt CIC

Through creative workshops, the HYPPANIE Experience encourages participants of all ages to explore their capacities, their imagination, to feel confident to create some amazing bespoke items and therefore bring a feeling of achievement and empowerment to each and everyone.”

In 2000, My passion for Color Therapy led me to attend the City and Guild Felt-making course in London. I found that the wonderful quality of Wool and colors. permitted me to create bespoke useful items and made me feel good about myself and what I could achieve. It gave me great confidence to enroll in a teaching course, to share my passion. Since 2012, I cater for workshops tailored to all ages, needs, and aspirations. Wet felting, needle felting, I will accompany you in your creations. I buy regularly the fleeces from the farmers and transform them into vegetarian sheep rugs. The felting process is long and rigorous, and the results are fantastic! Would you like to try at it? for the last two years, I have been offering "Felt a Fanny with Stephanie" workshops for birthdays and hen parties. It's a mindful, fun, and above all connecting workshop, where participants find themselves poking the wool onto a pre felted shape, while bonding together and have opened discussions they wouldn't have had otherwise. I am proud of this One as I see, a lot the joy is expressed and proudness of having achieved a piece of Art, even if they thought they were not Artists! Today, I am on another mission, A SOLUTION TO POLLUTION, I just registered a new CIC, which Mission is to create a platform between individuals, communities, neighborhoods, farmers, barbers and hairdressers' businesses, non-profits, schools and government departments. Having answers for resources for life on the planet. by collecting, storing and transforming wool off cuts, fur and hair and turn it into mats which can be used to collect oil spills in the sea, as protecting the ground and yell better crops for gardeners and farmers. The research shows it has great potential already! The possibilities are huge!!!! I am working on a Crowdfunder, looking for volunteers, I need investors for the premises for the punching needle machine which will be donated by and Matter of Together we are stronger, and I need you on board! Yes? I am passionate about all of us living better in these harsh times. I am passionate about creating a platform where we will create the changes, we want to see..... It will be a podium for classes and interactive classes to demonstrate solutions. Educate individuals to live in alignment with the Earth. Limit waste production. Inspire to build healthy environments! Let's do it together!

10% off for groups, from 6 people.

Stephanie Crechriou
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