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Anna Banton

Co-Owner and Coach


Originally from Sweden, I have lived in the UK for 15 years now, married to my English husband for almost 21 years (Yes, I am that old!) Back in Sweden I was a nurse but retrained as a PT after moving here and even though it took me quite a few years to be able to do this full time, I can say I'm in a place now where I'm absolutely loving what I do. I love helping people fulfil their potential and feel better about themselves.

I have 2 teenage boys, both autistic and my youngest also have a speech and language delay and learning disabilities. I obviously had to put their needs first, and put my dreams on hold for a while, but back in 2020, after lockdown I started coaching in the gym I've been a member of for many years. I eventually came onboard full time and in October -22, Dawn and I took on the gym ourselves! So I've gone from member, to coach, to owner. We are still very much learning as we go, but I love (almost) every minute of it! We pride ourselves on being different from other gyms. We individually coach all our clients; meaning we write their training program, and support them with nutrition and lifestyle outside of the gym as well, and always tailor everything to their individual needs.

I've always loved working with and helping people feel their best, and from my experience as a nurse I always felt I was on the wrong side of things; I wanted to help people BEFORE they became sick. And that's what I love about my job as a coach: I don't care about how much you bench or if you have a six pack, but if an elderly client falls and can brush themselves off without a scratch (and no broken hips!) THAT is a huge win for me. And when our members have a good laugh together on the gym floor, or they can do movements or weights they never thought possible, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for them, and I love helping the through that journey.

Outside of work, I make sure I train myself and I love going for walks, ideally listening to a podcast. I'm also a coffee lover and will often make coffee stops a priority whenever I go anywhere.

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Anna Banton
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