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Beth Jackson

Payroll and Tax Partner

2 Sisters Accounting

Scared of upsetting HMRC? Horribly bored of bookkeeping? Just utterly confused by everything to do with your business finances? You don't have to be. Accounting doesn't have to be horrible. I try to keep it simple, while making sure your business is tax effective and meeting all of HMRC rules. Dealing with your business finances doesn't have to be baffling or scary and your accountant doesn't have to feel like a teacher you're terrified of. We can be quite nice sometimes! If you're scared of accountants, fed up of being made to feel silly asking questions and getting an invoice every time you call your accountant send me a message. I like to do things a bit differently. Unsure if I'm for you? Are you nearing that VAT threshold or over? Are you feeling a bit lost with this business lark? Are you fed up of every accountant telling you you MUST want to grow? I'm for you if any of the above apply, if you want an accountant that understands taking a business from a dream to a reality. That understands it going from feeling like a bit of a hobby to being a real big thing. Outside of the work waffle, I have limited brain to mouth filter, enjoy a good gossip over a few glasses of wine and my cackle can often be heard long before you see me.

Coming Soon

All Co-Women get a discount, but I can't give exact figures as I don't know exactly what you'll need until we chat!

Beth Jackson
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