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Claire Fearon


Art & Soul

Once based in Brighton but now out in the countryside but just a 30 min drive away. I am all about facilitating personal growth and creativity. My work combines intuitive coaching, bespoke day retreats, and workshops designed to inspire and empower. I believe in the transformative power of connecting with one's creativity and intuition, and my approach is tailored to help everyone explore their potential and find deeper self-understanding. Through my holistic programs, I aim to provide a nurturing space for self-discovery and expressive freedom, guiding others towards a more fulfilling and inspired life.

From my home which is now set within the grounds of an old country estate, adjacent to ancient woodlands and immersed in nature, I facilitate unique experiences all designed to inspire personal growth. This tranquil setting is the perfect haven for those eager to escape the mundane, delve into the magical, and discover their untapped potential.

When I am not working, I can be found hanging out in the woods, spending time with friends and family and when I get two minutes to myself, actually painting in my studio!

10% off 1:1 sessions with me contact me for other potential discounts on workshops and retreat days.

Claire Fearon
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