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Dawn McCurry

Co Owner and Coach


I have a very varied working background; pre children I worked as a HR Consultant for Leaders Ltd. After having my children I wanted to find a better work-life balance and re-trained as a self employed Beauty and Massage Therapist.

Unfortunately during lockdown I had to close my business overnight. To keep my mind occupied during this time I studied for my coaching and nutrition certification as I was unsure at the time whether or not I would be able to open my beauty business from home again.

My brother owned a gym in Crawley, which I was a member of, and once we came out of lockdown I started floor coaching at his gym and started taking on my own clients, offering them nutrition advice and building their own individualised workout plans.

When my brother decided to move away from running the gym, the opportunity presented itself to Anna and I to take over!

We both knew we loved the gym and we were determined to keep it open and stop the business from going under. So we decided to go for it and become business owners, literally overnight!

This was back in 2022 and we have been running Route1Fitness ever since. We have very much had to learn on the job and develop skills in multiple different areas, which come with the territory of being business owners.

It's probably one of the most challenging things I have ever done, but I feel that, almost 2 years' in, I am getting to grips with running the gym and everything that comes with it.

Anna and I continue to work extremely hard making Route1Fitness a friendly, welcoming environment for all of our members. We want to empower as many people as possible to lift weights and build healthy habits that will last a lifetime, both inside and outside of the gym. We love what we do and we love our members; we are extremely passionate about continuing to grow our Route1 community and keep building on our success so far.

Outside of the gym I have 2 children, a daughter (age 13) and son (age 9). I also have 2 Imperial Shih-tzu's, who can often be found with me at the gym.. which our members love! I am engaged to a wonderful man, who I am marrying this May and I live in Burgess Hill.

I am an avid listener of true crime podcasts and watcher of true crime documentaries. I also play the piano and sing in my free time.

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Dawn McCurry
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