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Fran Matteini

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager

Fran Does Digital

Meet Fran, the ingenious mind fueling Fran Does Digital's success as a ​distinguished social media and marketing manager. With a spirited yet ​pragmatic 'no BS' attitude, Fran crafts compelling digital strategies that ​resonate. Her penchant for organic growth is evident in every campaign ​she spearheads, leveraging a blend of creativity and data-driven insights ​to foster authentic connections.

As a seasoned content creator, Fran's dynamic personality shines ​through in every piece of content she crafts, infusing it with just the right ​amount of sass to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. ​Her expertise lies not just in managing social platforms but in cultivating ​communities, nurturing engagement, and driving tangible results.

With a knack for cutting through the noise, Fran Richardson epitomizes ​the fusion of friendliness and audaciousness in the digital realm. Her ​approach is refreshingly candid, empowering brands to navigate the ​online landscape with confidence.

Explore Fran Does Digital for a taste of Fran's signature blend of sass, ​expertise, and a genuine passion for fostering organic growth that truly ​sets her apart in the world of digital marketing.

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Fran Matteini
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