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Jess Nicks


Jess Nicks Coaching

Hello, I'm Jess. I’m a certified life coach, personal trainer, Master NLP Practitioner (neurolinguistic programming) and facilitator, on a mission to help women transform self-doubt into self-mastery through my 1:1 coaching, group programmes and workshops. After the darkest chapter of my life – one where I experienced what some people call a nervous breakdown – things began to change. The most shameful, painful and anxious parts of my life came together and led me to where I am now; a place where I have never felt more confident, more strong, more resilient. It’s a powerful feeling, being my biggest champ. On my healing journey, I began to play with ideas around the ‘inner critic’ in an attempt to break free from her grip, and thus Debitch Your Brain was born. The concept has developed into a powerful coaching method which helps people put space between themselves and their unhelpful internal dialogue so they’re able to turn down the drama and step into their potential. It also uses humour – a much needed tool in the earnest world of self-development. We women deserve to live more empowered lives in which we detach from patriarchy, other people’s rule books and expectation. We deserve mental fitness. So, is it time to transform your relationship with yourself? Let’s dance!

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Jess Nicks
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