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Katy Bradshaw


Katy Bradshaw Acupuncture

Over the many years I have been in practice, time and time again I have witnessed acupuncture’s ability to transform people’s physical and mental well-being; galvanising, shifting and enabling the body to find a way to heal.

Because our bodies do know how to heal if we give them the chance.

Sometimes they just need a little help to do so. I create a safe space for you to pause, listen and reflect so that you can tune in to what your body is telling you. We will have the unique conversations that you won’t be having anywhere else, where you will gain new insights into what’s really going on.

I will listen in to what’s going on for you, help to clear out what’s stuck, and strengthen and support your whole system so you can really begin to thrive.

I use my extensive experience and draw on many different tools to help you enact this courageous change. It takes patience, compassion and a different way of thinking but it’s worth the investment. You are worth the investment!


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Katy Bradshaw
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