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Tanith Lee

Mrs Menopause

Mrs Menopause

Hello, I’m Tanith Lee.

They say the fun starts in your forties, and I truly believe that. I’m on a mission to dismantle the myths that suggest women should feel diminished by their 40s and 50s. From embracing cellulite to navigating life's ups and downs, I believe in loving it all. My approach goes beyond physical health, wellbeing and fitness (As well as a naturopathic nutritional therapist I am also a trained Fitness Instructor); it’s about fostering deep internal acceptance and helping women shine during their prime years.

The best part of my job is witnessing the transformative self-realisation in the women I guide. It's not just about feeling physically and mentally better; it's about watching women rediscover their self-worth and begin to care for themselves in entirely new ways. There is a wobble that comes with menopause that makes you question your identity and value.

Acknowledging this, not fighting it, allows us to create a new identity and choose who we want to be—because menopause fundamentally changes us. A lack of acceptance around the changes in menopause creates an internal war—menopause and beyond is about changing, evolving, and growing.

The ripples of this work are far-reaching - improving the confidence, relationships and working life of the women I work with.

Looking ahead, I am eager to enhance my community impact by holding space for more women to discuss and demystify menopause, especially the mental health aspects, ensuring they feel supported through every stage of their journey. I envision expanding my outreach through talks and group sessions that intertwine menopause support with the healing aspects of nature.

Last year, needing a challenge and training goals, I climbed Ben Nevis. While I love walking, you are more likely to find me on the South Downs in Sussex with my Jack Russell, Kevin, not up the mountains!

My journey through early menopause in my late thirties, fifteen years ago, coincided with personal recovery from alcohol and drug addiction as well as a period of acute pain which meant changing my career direction. This was not a fun time, but I believe this life experience has enhanced my connection and empathy with my community.

Tanith Lee
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