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5 Key Benefits of Small Business to Small Business

We've all been there, making purchasing decisions based on familiarity and convenience. Maybe you've bypassed the greengrocers in favour of the supermarket that has everything, even though it's all wrapped in plastic, boo. Or you've seen a social media post from a friend's business selling amazing handmade skincare products but you just find it easier to order from Amazon. Maybe you've just become a safe buyer, going with what you know rather than take a risk with a new retailer. But as a small business yourself, it may be time you opted out of convenience and started investing more time into purchasing with small businesses and here's why:

1. A small business will remember your name and appreciate your custom. Never underestimate the good feelings you'll get from supporting a small business, knowing you're directly helping to keep food on their table. This is priceless.

2. You can follow the small business customer service journey and learn from it. Discover what might be missing/could be added to improve the process with your own customers.

3. Tagging and reviewing a small business online will increase your audience and show you as a socially responsible purchaser. It can bring further rewards if the small business responds by commenting and following your social handles. Strong relationships between small businesses that are visible online will build trust with your audience and boost your reputation.

4. Working with, purchasing from and getting to know other local small businesses will open doors of opportunity for your business, whether that's being recommended to others looking for your products and services, or forming collaborations on new projects.

5. Once a small business knows who you are, they are more likely to make a purchase with you, and in turn, will review and promote you to their followers. You won't get that from Amazon!

Why don't you start by making one purchase today with a small business, follow them online and start that one essential relationship that will lead to growth and opportunities for your business with minimal effort?

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