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Member guest blog: Heartfelt Passion - Elevating Libido Through Deep Connection

This week's blog is by Co-Women member and Female Sensuality, Pelvic Floor Coach and Orgasmic Hypnotherapist, Emma Fullwood.

Emma is on a mission to support women to make 2024 about their Pelvic Floor Health, boosting their libido and experiencing love worth making.  She wants to help couples feel less like roommates sharing the bills and chores and more intimately connected.   Emma’s Vulva loving rituals give women back their Va Va Voom and promise to support women in achieving the most deep internal orgasms that keep cuming and cuming whilst helping every woman fall in love with the part of our body that we are most disconnected from - The mysterious and often forgotten pleasures of the Pelvic Floor. 

Emma’s Pelvic Floor celebrations will have you desiring to do them more, as they have been designed to feel a turn on rather than another chore to add to the never ending lists.

I want to share with you some words that I wrote to my partner as a New Year celebration of our intimate relationship. 

I hope these words inspire you as a few months from now you could be feeling this way.  Deeply connected to your body, relaxed in love making, more  playful and living as a turned on woman!

Dear Lover,

When I ask to be entered give me more foreplay 

You see, I’ll always try to serve you 

It’s how I’ve been raised.

 Give to others & Keep Others happy is what my parents taught me. 

Therefore,  allowing myself to receive love and pleasure feels odd especially in this busy world where it’s all about rush, speed, fast delivery & fast downloads. 

I realized that I was rushing my orgasm before and that’s why I was struggling to feel. 

Thanks for understanding and allowing me to share what I needed in order to feel again. 

Thanks for going down on me for ages. I often want to pull you away as I feel I’m taking up too much time! 

The words “Who am I to receive this much love “ go around in my head. 

I think of the times I’ve heard men saying “She lay there like a sack of spuds” 

“She’s boring in bed” 

And because of hearing this, it makes me want to perform and give to you. 

I grew up learning from porn and sadly it made me see sex as a lot of thrusting, friction, speed and often pain. I believed that to feel I needed to make you go deeper and faster. 

Thank you for the slowness, the gentleness, the honoring, the respect, the love and thank you for listening and respecting me. 

Thanks for encouraging me that I can have more pleasure. 

I can take as long as I want to cum. 

That it’s o.k to enjoy my body and pleasure without needing to perform and make the right noises. Thanks for sharing with me that sex isn’t about the orgasm, it's about the intimate connection of two beings,  their hearts melting as they pour love into each other.


As a woman in midlife my juices can feel lacking at times -  Thanks for being patient. 

Thanks for allowing me to feel fully relaxed. 

Thanks for learning about how my Yoni blossoms when it’s ready. 

Thanks for asking if I’m ready and thanks for understanding when sometimes I’ve had to say she’s not ready yet. Can you have patience? 

I know this is hard! 

I know you want to ravish me, your primal instincts make you want to thrust deep inside. 

Thanks for treating my yoni like a delicate rose,  I know you adore her and I love how you know every fold of her and treat her like the precious flower she is. Thanks for the gentle strokes, your patience, your love, your adoration.

Because of all the above, I feel safe, seen and like a Goddess in your arms.  I love surrendering to you and feeling you inside me.

I can’t believe how our intimacy has changed - for the better, over the years.

I look forward to 2024 being about pleasure unhurried, lazy weekends making love and foreplay that lasts for days!

This is what I teach women in my Radiant Woman course. Radiant Woman isn't about penetration and sex positions and the newest shiny high vibrating toy. 

Radiant Woman is for both women in relationships or single as the rituals are about you falling madly and deeply in love with a body part that up until now will most probably never have  experienced love from you. 

What positive attention and time do you give your lady bits? 

How often do you lovingly stare at your Vagina?

Radiant Woman is the next level of self care - beyond the yoga mat and mindfulness. The course teaches you how to live turned on. Being in a state of aliveness and living turned on doesn’t imply constant readiness for sex: It means embracing a flirtatious, playful and vibrant approach to life, where your body becomes a joyous place to reside. 

My courses and 121 coaching containers are for women that want to make 2024 the year that they devote themselves to orgasmic bliss and their Pelvic Floor health. It takes women on a journey of self discovery, deep feminine embodiment where they embrace their sensuality and unlock joy from within.

The Radiant Woman programme is like a Hot Stone massage for your nervous system as the tension from the body melts away -  like adding ice cream to Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake.  

Let me take you on a delicious journey of orgasmic bliss where you discover your intimate body parts and the pleasure they can give you. Let me share how to be more present in your body, how to feel everything so that the high vibe toy and exhausting thrusting are a thing of the past. 

Let me teach you about the female Pelvic Floor and support you in understanding what may be causing you to leak urine when coughing, sneezing or exercise.  Why you may experience painful sex or dryness or feel very little internally when having sex. 

What benefits does being connected to your body give you?

As a woman in business I found myself always in my busy mind lots with a million tabs open.  I went off sex as it felt like another chore, another duty, another task on my never ending to do list.

When I connected to my Yoni something magical happened.  I started to say No to things that didn’t align with me with such ease and grace.  I found myself lovingly releasing things from my life that no longer lit me up and I found myself experiencing pleasure in my body - even on the hard days when the computer said NO and the passwords kept being forgotten! 

I remember one of the first times I experienced an Energygasm.  It was a rainy day and I had just dropped my boy off school after a hard morning. As I sat in traffic listening to the news and the heavy rain beating on the car roof I felt anything but sexy!  The news was making me tense, thinking about my “To do” list was making me tense and I noticed how my tummy, shoulders and even pelvic floor were gripped. 

I decided to have some sex magic fun right there in the traffic.  To confirm I was fully clothed and my hands firmly placed on the steering wheel. I started to practice a ritual that I share in my Radiant Woman programme and before I knew it I was having flutters down below that made me feel so good.  When I got to my meeting that day most of the other women said how crap the weather was and how bad the traffic was.  I remember them looking at my glowing beaming face and asking what I had taken that morning! 

That's the power of female embodiment. Infuse your daily mundane routine with joy, pleasure, sex magic, energygasms and feel good flutters. Embody growing confidence in all aspects of your life and experience a life of unhurried pleasure. 

Make running a business more pleasurable and have a relationship that feels intimate rather than roommates sharing the bills and chores. 

Let me sprinkle more playfulness into your days and rise each day with inner confidence and oozing self love so that setting boundaries and hiring your standards feels as juicy as your genitals! 

Connect to the fullness of you as a woman's sexual energy boosts her confidence and business and become a woman in business that takes regular self pleasure breaks - I guarantee this will increase your energy and sales as we can manifest our goals through our body and call in our desires through our sexual energy. 

I love being part of the Co-Women Membership. As a woman in business I can sometimes feel lonely and also need expertise support.  There is such a diverse group of women that have knowledge in so many different areas from tech to branding and social media to hormones and fitness!  I was a little nervxited (nervous and excited) going to my first meeting.  I felt at ease instantly and it felt like a networking friendship group immediately. As someone with a somewhat “different” business I wanted to be with a supportive and open minded group of women. 

If you feel a call to learn more about my courses and connect with me.  I invite you to contact me via Instagram or email. If you have loved what I have shared and want to read more take a look at my Radiant Woman offering to help boost your pleasure and support your nervous system in 2024.

I would love you to contact me with any questions.  I don’t bite, I PURRR!!! 

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