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The Amyverse: Co-Women Meet the Stores Helping You Through Lockdown

The beautiful tradition of handwritten calligraphy is something I really admire. Here I talk to Amy Goble from The Amyverse about why she's on a mission to teach people this beautiful skill.

Please tell us about your business and what you offer?

I named my business The Amyverse, because calligraphy and illustration is my universe. It is what I love to do and I want to share a bit of my universe with people. I am a modern calligrapher and illustrator and I specialise in bespoke wedding stationery where I get to combine my passions and create one of a kind stationery.

In addition to this, I also have an Etsy Shop where I sell cards, prints, calligraphy sets, illustrations and personalised gifts. I have been offering free gift messages inside the cards and parcels so that people can send gifts without leaving the house.

How long have you been based in Brighton?

I moved to Sussex in 2014, having grown up in North London. I love the slower pace of life and I immediately felt at home here. I love how creative it is, especially in Brighton. I found myself being more creative as soon as I moved here and I can’t imagine living anywhere else now. I launched The Amyverse in 2018, after a lot of encouragement from friends and family. I am so glad I took that step as running my own business has brought me so much happiness.

What challenges has your business faced since we went into lockdown?

One of the biggest challenges I faced was the uncertainty around weddings. As soon as lockdown was announced, the couples I have been working with, many for over a year, were now having to postpone their wedding. To make it as easy as possible for my couples, I have designed them free change the dates so that they can quickly tell their loved ones that their plans have changed. I am now working with them to think about the stationery for their wedding day such as table plans and orders of service, which can be adapted for new seasons and their new date.

Additionally, I have seen an increase in sales in my Etsy shop which I have been so grateful for as I have lost the income from weddings until there is clarity on when the celebrations can be held. In this time of uncertainty and challenge, so many people are sending cards and gifts to loved ones and so I have been very busy preparing orders. It has been busier than Christmas at times, so I have been working very hard. I’ve loved seeing the messages of love and support that people have been adding to their orders. I think it’s so important to connect with each other when we cannot physically see one another.

Would you say that the Support Local Facebook group and website have been a help to your business?

The Support Local Facebook group and website are great resources for local businesses. It is great that it is encouraging people to shop small and support their local businesses.

What advice would you give to anyone who is struggling right now?

I think it’s really important to take time out for yourself. Hobbies can be so beneficial to help you relax and unwind. It’s one of the reasons I love calligraphy so much.

I don’t think there is a right way to go through this, it can be hard when it feels like everyone around you is doing yoga every day and learning a new language. I think it’s important to remember that we all experience things differently and it’s ok to be finding this hard. Personally, I go through feeling ok and positive to wanting to hibernate until this is all over. I am trying to do something I enjoy every day, whether that’s reading a book, having a long bath or creating something. It’s these little moments that can help.

What happy song makes you dance in your kitchen?!

Now this is going to remove all of my street cred (not that I had much anyway) but right now my favourite thing to dance to is Eurovision classics. I was gutted that Eurovision was cancelled and I have been listening to my favourites a lot. You can’t help but dance and round and smile. This is what I need right now, something silly and fun to distract me from the chaos of the real world.

Anything further you'd like to tell us?

As a calligrapher, I love nothing more than to zone out and create some calligraphy. It is a fantastic way to de-stress and relax. It has huge benefits for mental health and well-being. One of my favourite things about calligraphy is that for a little while you have to shut the world out. There is lots to think about such as how to hold the pen, the letters you are forming, your posture and so you can’t worry about anything else for a while.

Calligraphy is something I am really passionate about and I had been planning to teach calligraphy this year, however, this is now on hold. I still wanted to help people relax in this difficult time and so I thought about how I could teach calligraphy differently. I designed a modern calligraphy kit for beginners. It has everything that is needed to learn calligraphy and lots of fun activities and worksheets to help people learn. It includes my favourite pen, 15 pages of activities, 10 pages of guide sheets, prompts, postcards to send to loved ones and supporting videos.

Name: Amy Goble

Business name: The Amyverse



Instagram: @amyverse

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