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Co-Women presents 5Rs

Sussex’s women-only networking group, Co-Women, regularly hosts events which encourage women to prioritise joy in their lives, alongside furthering their businesses and careers. In April 2024, the group is bringing back a very popular event with an extra little bit of fun attached. Read on to find out why you should join in…

Co-Women’s 5Rs event last ran in July 2023, at Hove’s Float Spa. This month, it tests the waters (see what we did there?) at a different location – Be Yoga in Haywards Heath on Saturday 13th April. The core experience of 5Rs is the chance to be guided through five elements in order to reset yourself and learn some powerful things about where you’re currently at.

Guided by Co-Founder Jo Child, plus Co-Women member Jess Nicks, you’ll work through the stages of Release, Revive, Refuel, Request and Recommend, and finally, Restore. Each R is given 15 minutes, so that you’re laser-focused and don’t get bogged down in the issues but instead work with those around you to change what can be worked through.

An energetic laughter yoga practice is incorporated in the session – if you haven’t tried it before, you’re in for a treat! This is a unique experience that you’ll be able to participate in via this judgment-free space, where there’s no such thing as looking silly. Having worked through each of the surrounding mindset exercises, we’ll close with a meditation and human sound bath to ensure that you leave feeling grounded and returned to normality… but more peacefully than before you arrived.

There’s time to network – or just make new friends! – built in too, as there’s a break during the proceedings, plus time to share thoughts afterwards. Remember that you’re among other businesswomen and entrepreneurs in this space – these are people who are going through the same processes as you, or are perhaps a few steps further down the path. It’s your chance to build connections and develop a community to support you during this time. This really is one of the most valuable parts of Co-Women – our community is a hype squad and sounding board to help you through the tricky parts of running a business, but also to be happy for you when you win, no matter what that looks like for you.

As an extra-special element of this 5Rs event, we’re delighted to welcome Lou Featherstone – aka Lu in Luland – to support us in our additional mission to help you clear some stuff out by running a clothes swap. There are only a couple of restrictions here: clothes MUST be in good condition (think about items you’d gladly pass on to a good friend, which have still got plenty of life in them) and clean; we aren’t able to accept shoes on this occasion, clothes only please. There’s no limit to the number of items you are able to bring – other than what you can carry!

Clothes will be handed over on arrival, then sorted and displayed whilst the activities take place, ready to be rediscovered afterwards and find new loving homes. So dig out those things that have burrowed their way to the back of your wardrobe and shake them off ready to make way for new items you’ll love.

Come and join us with a warm heart and an open mind (plus a yoga mat and blanket for meditation time), and we look forward to welcoming you to this fantastic experience. Some of our members are so excited that they’ve attended more than once, and are looking forward to shaking off whatever is bringing them down in this moment. Book your place via our website, and we’ll be ready to guide you through the day.

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