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Sussex networking in April

Spring has sprung, our days are getting lighter, and that can mean only one thing for Sussex’s social club for women in business – more opportunities to meet up, have fun, and make meaningful connections! Read on to find out more about what’s in store with Co-Women in April…

Low-pressure networking for women

Our popular Chai & Chatter events have grown during the early part of this year – we now host them at not one, not two, but SIX locations across the county. These events are free to attend when you’re a Co-Women member – all of them are included in your membership, you’re not restricted or committed to a particular meet up, so you’re able to get around to as many locations as you wish. Non-members are charged a small fee for these events, and we think it’s worth it…

If you haven’t joined us previously, you’ll see that we’re different to other networking groups. There’s no formal pitching – unless the group agrees on the day that this would be appropriate. We prefer to allow conversations to evolve organically, take a seat and get chatting with the person next to you, whether it’s about what you do for work, what you like to do in your spare time, an issue you’re trying to resolve, or something else entirely! Our take is that you never know who can help you, and having these relaxed conversations tends to lead you down the right path.

Business cards and promotional flyers are welcome to be exchanged, and we also don’t care if you’re still setting all of this up. With the sunshine daring to poke out, and some of our venues having outdoor seating available, we love to take ourselves outside to enjoy the fresh air as much as possible. Sometimes this does mean layers (obviously if it’s too cold, we stay indoors!), but as birds of a feather flock together, we seem to find that the majority of our attendees welcome the opportunity to get some vitamin D whilst networking, and share our appreciation of taking meetings outside when the chance arises.

Chai & Chatter currently takes place monthly on Fridays in Brighton, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Hove, Hurstpierpoint and Kemptown; you can book via our events page.

Join us for dinner

Our first Talks at Dinner event took place a couple of years ago, and what’s brilliant is that it now has a regular home! Thanks to our charity partners, Team Domenica, this monthly event takes place at their café on London Road. They supply a fantastic buffet, made on-site by their service users, so your attendance also helps to support a local cause.

We always begin with food and networking as guests arrive, before settling down to listen to three speakers talk us through a topic. In April, our theme is alternative lifestyles, and the speaker lineup is HOT. Our very own Founder, Jo, will be introducing a side of herself that you may not be familiar with, but hopefully you will be appropriately curious about! Ordinarily, Jo is our host for the evening, but as she’s taking the mic for a talk herself, Co-Founder, Becky will be hosting – introducing the audience to each speaker, and then moderating a panel discussion at the end so that you can ask absolutely anything you’ve thought of throughout the evening.

The event closes with more time for networking – see if you can nab the speakers for a quick chat, or ask other people in the room about themselves and what they thought of the evening. We’re sure that you’re going to have plenty to talk about, and lots to think about once you head home. Make sure that you book your place via our events page.

Our membership doors are open, which means that we’re welcoming women in business in Sussex who want to inject some joy into their lives and join a community which supports them and their endeavours. We know that you don’t want to miss out any longer!

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