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Co-Women Christmas Party 2023 – Brighton’s only Christmas party which mimics a hen party

Yes, you read that right: our wonderful host in 2022 lovingly described our party as more like a hen party than a Christmas party. Ticket sales close on 30th November – here’s why you should join us…

Christmas is the season of giving, but that often gets forgotten when you’re a self-employed woman. We spend our lives serving others, whether it’s our wonderful clients, our social media audience, or our friends, families, pets, partners, kids, and other assorted hangers on (if you know you know – we won’t ask for hands up if you’ve been expected to produce a perfectly-wrapped gift at the last minute, as well as knocking up a batch of mince pies to make Paul Hollywood swoon, we just know it’s happened).

We love busting a stereotype, and we’re here to help with that in every season. It’s time to take a night off, put your phone down (unless it’s to take photos – with full consent, of course! – of your teammates in our one-of-a-kind craft your own seggs toy competition), and sparkle with the rest of us.

With our very own party room at Brighton’s Grand Hotel, you will be welcomed with a drink – soft or alcoholic, because we’re inclusive like that – and have time to introduce yourself to the best friends you’re only just meeting. Then, when we sit down to enjoy a delicious three-course meal (inclusive of drinks, again), we’ll also be entertained by music, games, a quiz, and a whole lot of laughter.

This year, we’re also presenting our annual Co-Women awards. Last year, this was a low-key affair, and this time we’ve decided to push the boat out. Our members voted earlier in the autumn, and trophies have been ordered. Speeches will be full of glowing compliments, as nominations had to include a justification, so that we have some direct quotes to provide to our worthy winners. We can’t wait to see what they think of the loving words that have been thrown their way.

Not to be content with all of that, there’s our Secret Santa gift exchange – don’t worry, we expect this gift to be a low-spend item, and jokes are more than welcome at this point too! Why do we do it? Because this is the sort of shit that you miss out on as a self-employed person. Many of us make this move because we relish the opportunity of being our own boss, but we have to admit that there do seem to be some perks that come from the community of employment… so we’ve nicked them and made them our own, so that you still get to enjoy the best bits whilst living your best self-employed and freedom-loving life.

So how do you get involved in the party of the decade? Well, this event is pretty strictly members-only. However, our doors are open and we are ready to embrace you with open arms, so if you join today, you’re still eligible to purchase a ticket for our festive frolics. However, we have also opened the event up in 2023 to special guests. So if you know a Co-Women member, it might be worth getting in touch with her and asking whether she’s invited a guest yet. If she hasn’t, you could just be the lucky one escorting her (as long as you yourself identify as a woman) to the party. Just don’t blame us if you end up having such a great time that you, too, sign up for membership, and indeed end up having the best night of your 2023 party season.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us.

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