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Co-Women Wrapped: Sussex Networking in 2023

With another year (nearly) over and a new one soon to begin, we thought that we’d break from our usual convention of being different and fit in with everyone else on the internet by wrapping up 2023. Here are some of the highlights you missed if you weren’t part of Sussex’s social club for women who are self-employed or running a small business…

2023 was the year that Co-Women went global… Yes, a delegation left chilly Brighton for the warmth of Morocco. With a riad in Marrakech hired for exclusive use, a group of us had a wonderful time relaxing on the rooftop, and sharing a trip to the Jardin Majorelle. There were several nights out for dinner, including a truly standout experience on our final night in the city, and days wandering around the Medina, enjoying the sights and sounds of a very different culture to our own. We were truly honoured that one of our members chose this as their first international trip since the start of the pandemic.

With one international adventure ticked off, where should we go for our next?!

2023 was the year that Co-Women was consistent… Consistency and repetition may feel tedious when you prioritise joy, but they are important in many things! Maintaining fitness, continuing your development as a professional, improving relationships within your personal life, and networking. Showing up regularly and authentically is what helps you to build your reputation and value, both of which are things we advocate for.

So to support our members in this, we’ve held events throughout the year, offering a broad range of opportunities to meet, connect, and help each other. From axe throwing and silent discos to tarot readings and sea swims, we’ve covered a huge range of activities in our own way, proving that we do things differently here, and that we do them well.

What can you expect in 2024? Well, more of the same of course!

2023 was the year that Co-Women gave more… This year, we implemented a points system, allowing our members the chance to compete for prizes! As well as voting taking place from fellow members, the Co-Women worked their way towards glory, with an awards presentation being incorporated at our Christmas party for the first time. We even had 2022 Co-Women Queen, Harriet, on hand to reluctantly hand over her crown.

The winners of the Co-Women awards in 2023 were…

Most Inspiring – Camille Pierson

Most Supportive – Beth Jackson

Most Joyful – Stephanie Crechriou

Spread the Word Award – Sophie Sheinwald

Most Events Attended – Stephanie Crechriou

Co-Women Queen 2023 – Sally Garozzo

The speeches involved both tears and laughter, plus a lot of love and gratitude. The Christmas party is such a highlight for all of us – a chance to celebrate ourselves and each other, and cherish the joy that’s typically only afforded to those shackled to an employer. If that sounds like something you’d want for yourself next year, there’s only one thing to do: join us.

2023 was the year that Co-Women rested… Jo and I have both taken hard-earned breaks at a couple of points this year, and the infamous Co-Women WhatsApp group has happily bubbled along without one or other of us as needed. We’ll be taking some quiet time over the festive break too, but if you decide that now is the time to join us, then you are most welcome to apply online. It would, in fact, be perfect timing, as Jo is hosting an online new member briefing in January, to explain exactly how Co-Women works, and offer you the chance to ask any questions. There are also events available to book for January and beyond, so crack out that 2024 diary and set aside your first opportunity to meet us in person.

We wish you all the best for the final days of 2023, and hope to see you in 2024.

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