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Coming up at Co-Women Sussex networking…

We had a busy and exciting Spring season once we returned from our jaunt to Morocco. Tarot, axe throwing, comedy and sea swimming were on the agenda, and we’re looking ahead to some Summer fun. Here’s the pick of the bunch in terms of events to book now…

Nature Drawing Class with Cate Grundy Cate is one of our fabulous Co-Women members, and she’s such an expert that she’s actually a Professor of Design at the University of Sussex. With the definition of a professional in our midst, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have an exclusive event at Cate’s private studio, during which she’ll guide us in an exploration of drawing nature. You’ll leave inspired having discovered your creative side, and worked with various mediums in order to make your own piece. The event is on 22nd July, and you can book your ticket here.

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Having tried our hand at sea swimming, we thought we’d push the boat - or board - out and have a go at a different water-based activity! When you live near the coast, it’s rude not to make the most of the surroundings and get out for some fresh air and salt water. Paddle boarding in particular has soared in popularity in recent years - it’s a phenomenal workout, whilst also being quite a mindful activity thanks to the rhythm you fall into. Unlike surfing, it doesn’t rely on waves either, so there tend to be more opportunities to participate year-round (if you’ve got the appetite for cooler temperatures, anyway!).

We’re taking to the water on 12th August, book your place to join us!

Pamper Party at Little Jasmine Spa Got a busy summer ahead? Pencil this date in and book your place for a collective wind down and catch up before another silly season kicks in. We’re excited to welcome our members and guests to an indulgent retreat in the heart of brighton. Kick off your shoes, sit back and relax with some tasty food courtesy of our friends at Nostos, and ensure that the only worry you have is choosing which treatment to enjoy. Reserve your spot here and share the calm with us on 23rd September

And more besides! These are just some of our upcoming highlights! As always, we have our monthly Chai and Chatter catch ups in Horsham, Hove and Brighton. We also have our 5Rs event which is almost sold out, and you can find out more about here. Plus there’s a silent disco in September and much more coming soon. For members-only, our Christmas party is already available to book, to support those who are either super-organised or looking to spread the cost of festive fun.

The only remaining decision is which to join us at first!

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