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Sign-up September part two!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

This September, Co-Women – Sussex’s premier sociable networking group for women in business – is looking forward to welcoming new members to the group. And what better way to convince you to come and be part of the team that prioritises joy as well as business success than to have our members tell you what they love about it?! Each week this month, two Co-Women will share their thoughts, as well as where you might be able to find them!

It’s our second post of the series, and today we’re joined by members Moyra and Sally...

How long have you been part of Co-Women? Moyra: Four months at the time of writing!

Sally: Eight months and counting!

Tell us about your favourite event you’ve attended: who did you meet, what did you get up to, and how did it make you feel?

Moyra: I went to the Acumen event in May, which was organised by Penina, another Co-Women member. I loved meeting everyone on our table.

Sally: I have only managed to make it to one chai and chatter so far but I had a lovely morning chatting to other co-women and talking about the rise of AI.

If someone asks to meet you for coffee, where are you suggesting? Moyra: I’d suggest Baker St coffee as it’s lovely, but I’m also happy to try new places!

Sally: I've met other Co-women at their house, on the beach and in the park. I live in Lewes and given most Co-women are Brighton and Hove based I would happily let them choose a location.

And what’s your favourite place for lunch, dinner or drinks? Moyra: That’s a hard question. I love Terre a Terre or maki maki for lunch. And Plateau for dinner. I like that for drinks too, though I don’t go out just for drinks often. Open to recommendations. I like cocktails!

Sally: I love the Flint House for dinner.

What’s your favourite conversation starter when getting to know someone new? Moyra: What do you create? What do you do for kicks? What is your dream?

Sally: What do you love to do?

And what else do you love to talk about when catching up with friends? Moyra: Magic, spiritual stuff, books, music, art.

Sally: Holidays, recent experiences I've had, wellbeing and exercise, films and TV, arts and theatre I've seen, planning to see.

Finally: what are your top three reasons for being part of Co-Women? Moyra: The women I have met. The women I have met. The women I have met. Such a great bunch of interesting, capable, go for it, kick ass women. Best reason.

Sally: Meeting other people running businesses, getting advice and support, broadening my local network.

What a fab start to Sign-up September! You can find out more about Moyra and her business here, and learn about what Sally does here

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