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Sign-up September - the finale!

This September, Co-Women – Sussex’s premier sociable networking group for women in business – is looking forward to welcoming new members to the group. And what better way to convince you to come and be part of the team that prioritises joy as well as business success than to have our members tell you what they love about it?! Each week this month, two Co-Women have shared their thoughts, as well as where you might be able to find them!

This is our last blog for the series, where we’re joined by Sophie S and Hannah…

How long have you been part of Co-Women? Sophie S: Nearly two years!

Hannah: A month, I’m brand new to the group.

Tell us about your favourite event you’ve attended: who did you meet, what did you get up to, and how did it make you feel? Sophie S: Swimming in sea with Claudine is one of them. The session we shared as a group has encouraged me to keep going with this activity.

Hannah: At the time of writing, I’m still waiting to attend my first event – I’m booked for Chai and Chatter.

If someone asks to meet you for coffee, where are you suggesting? Sophie S: Cafe Rust or Cas-Croute both in Hove.

Hannah: Spanish Lady in Saltdean – one of my locals!

And what’s your favourite place for lunch, dinner or drinks? Sophie S: Jo & Co / Deja Vu / - lunch and dinner Amichi / chilli / Unithai/ wabi Sabi/ soooo many gems [Editor’s note – do we think Sophie S enjoys getting out and making the most of our city?!]

Hannah: I’m not sure, so I might make a start on Sophie S’s list of recommendations!

What’s your favourite conversation starter when getting to know someone new? Sophie S: I’d like to ask - what bit of wisdom has made a big difference to you in your life?

Hannah: So have you booked yourself a holiday for this year?

And what else do you love to talk about when catching up with friends? Sophie S: Life’s meaning / I just love stories or discussions about getting through tough spots in life. Inspiring stories. The kind of thing that brings hope through these mad times! Realising that we are not alone and each have wisdoms to share

Hannah: I tend to get a bit stuck on travel (which is work for me) and kids

Finally: what are your top three reasons for being part of Co-Women? Sophie S: Connection, yeah it sounds obvious but it’s hugely important to feel a belonging; I genuinely have had clients through the network - thank you; Helpfulness - I can be of help to fellow members and they are to me!

Hannah: To be in a supportive environment; to gain confidence; to network make friends.

What a brilliant end to Sign-up September! You can find out more about Sophie S and her business here, and learn about what Hannah does here

We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know some of our members via this series. Of course, we fully believe that the best way to meet people is by connecting in person, so if you’re now inspired to book an event or sign up for membership, please feel welcome – we can’t wait to meet you too!

Normal blog service will resume next week – come back next Thursday when we’ll be sharing something different to keep you entertained.

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