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Sign-up September - part three!

This September, Co-Women – Sussex’s premier sociable networking group for women in business – is looking forward to welcoming new members to the group. And what better way to convince you to come and be part of the team that prioritises joy as well as business success than to have our members tell you what they love about it?! Each week this month, two Co-Women will share their thoughts, as well as where you might be able to find them!

It’s our third and penultimate post of the series, and today we’re joined by members Sophie B and Becky

How long have you been part of Co-Women? Sophie B: Almost a year

Becky: A year and a half – time has flown!

Tell us about your favourite event you’ve attended: who did you meet, what did you get up to, and how did it make you feel? Sophie B: Christmas was fantastic! Was truly nervous but felt more part of things afterwards.

Becky: Tough call as I've loved several! From shibari to tarot to gut health to axe throwing... probably my favourite is still pottery making. I am usually terrible at picking up physical skills, or anything artistic, but I found this incredibly mindful and satisfying. I'd actually love to do it again!

If someone asks to meet you for coffee, where are you suggesting? Sophie B: I’m not really a coffee drinker, so anywhere that serves alternatives, and ideally involving the seafront.

Becky: One of my current favourites is close to me in Horsham, I really love Carmela Deli (the pastries are incredible)

And what’s your favourite place for lunch, dinner or drinks? Sophie B: Happy Maki

Becky: Regularly find myself recommending Moshimo - I spent many years thinking I hated sushi, but recently discovered I love it, probably because indulgence is my middle name!

What’s your favourite conversation starter when getting to know someone new? Sophie B: How did you get into [insert industry/role here!]?

Becky: Do you have any other passports? Partly because it gives me an excuse to mention that I've got two!

And what else do you love to talk about when catching up with friends? Sophie B: Haha, I’m still working on this! I tend to stick to family and business, so if anyone can help me move along, that’d be great!

Becky: I love getting my friends to recommend new places to go - I ask what events or exhibitions they've been to recently to hear about something they've enjoyed and get inspiration for myself

Finally: what are your top three reasons for being part of Co-Women? Sophie B: Others understanding your trials and tribulations; Support and encouragement of plans; Some connection to the outside world.

Becky: Making like-minded friends; going to events and activities that I wouldn't normally try; a place to seek advice and support.

What a fab start to Sign-up September! You can find out more about Sophie B and her business here, and learn about what Becky does here

We’ll be back next week with the final part of this month’s blog feature, to introduce you to two more Co-Women members who will share their thoughts on why it’s the best networking group to be part of. However, if you’re already inspired to book an event or sign up for membership, please feel welcome – we can’t wait to meet you too!

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