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Sign-up September: why to join Co-Women

This September, Co-Women – Sussex’s premier sociable networking group for women in business – is looking forward to welcoming new members to the group. And what better way to convince you to come and be part of the team that prioritises joy as well as business success than to have our members tell you what they love about it?! Each week this month, two Co-Women will share their thoughts, as well as where you might be able to find them!

Step forward Stephanie and Alice to kick us off…

How long have you been part of Co-Women? Stephanie: From the beginning! I’m always a full supporter of the group.

Alice: Seven months so far.

Tell us about your favourite event you’ve attended: who did you meet, what did you get up to, and how did it make you feel? Stephanie: the Christmas party!!!! Where we all have a great dinner, in a swanky place, fun games, and gift to each other! Thank you secret Santa! Where we can relax and enjoy each other’s company. It makes me feel part of my community!

Alice: I really benefitted from the 5Rs which gave me a huge sense of feeling settled but my favourite events are the Chai and Chatters - I always meet such interesting people who give me really useful insights and nuggets of information to grow my business.

If someone asks to meet you for coffee, where are you suggesting? Stephanie: somewhere where they serve, beetroot, turmeric and matcha coconut lattes.

Alice: Post House. It’s a hidden delight of central Brighton.

And what’s your favourite place for lunch, dinner or drinks? Stephanie: evening drinks at the Fortune of War, for the view, the music and the sunsets! I also really enjoyed visiting Shelter Hall with Co-Women earlier this year – Jo booked us our own igloo.

Alice: Bincho with pre cocktails at Gungho and post drinks at Medusa bar.

What’s your favourite conversation starter when getting to know someone new? Stephanie: Hello, what's your name and where do you come from?!

Alice: How did you get here? [Editor’s note – this one made us laugh in the best way!]

And what else do you love to talk about when catching up with friends? Stephanie: Do you have pets? I have two gerbils and a kitten. Who said cat and mouse can't be friends?!

Alice: While it currently feels like all I talk about is the weather, I love an in-depth chat about how people are feeling about the things that are going on in their lives.

Finally: what are your top three reasons for being part of Co-Women? Stephanie: Support from a group of women who know business! Being an active member of my community and always being Jo’s best cheerleader.

Alice: Support, fun and community.

What a fab start to Sign-up September! You can find out more about Stephanie and her business here, and learn about what Alice does here

We’ll be back next week with another instalment of this month’s blog feature, to introduce you to two more Co-Women members who will share their thoughts on why it’s the best networking group to be part of. However, if you’re already inspired to book an event or sign up for membership, please feel welcome – we can’t wait to meet you too!

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