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The Growing Community for Messy Women.

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

I want to reach out to all the messy women. The women with a past.

The raw, rough around the edges women in business who have quite literally clawed their way to get to where they are now.

I hold space for all women, but I especially open up my community to the survivors, outcasts and supposed misfits of society.

If you have ever felt this way you'll know. You'll hear me talking to you and you'll get why I'm compelled to make a stand for all of us and do something about it.

Archaic principles and patriarchal constructs have dimmed your shine for too long. Societal prejudice and outdated traditions have tried to keep you in your box.

The Co-Women community sees you if:

· You’re a woman with neurodiversity

· You live with mental health issues

· You live with a hidden or visible disability

· You’re from a poor background

· You’ve built your business without any formal qualifications

· You work, or have worked, in the adult industry

· You’re from an ethnic minority

· You’ve had a rough childhood

· You’re a survivor of abuse

· You suffer with impostor syndrome

I'm not discounting women who do not identify with these.

You may see yourself as lucky, privileged, and that's so cool and you totally belong here too.

Because you will bring a special kind of value.

Skills and confidence that you can teach to those who would appreciate it.

Hell, I’d be a hypocrite if I discounted any woman.

This blog though. This blog is about a calling out. A reassurance to the rough around the edges women who at some point in their lives have been made to feel like the networking world for women in business was not for them.

Because you learned by doing, not by studying.

Because you grew up in less than perfect surroundings.

Because you've never had a leg up financially or otherwise, from anyone.

Because your business is quirky/controversial/just you/creative/in the adult industry/isn’t glamorous/doesn’t conform to the corporate stereotype/is unconventional/doesn’t appeal to everyone/is basic.

If any of this resonates at all with you…

If you are letting the inner critic rule you…

If you’re getting in the way of your own splendid uniqueness of colour and life lessons and mess and rawness, letting it all intimidate you and prevent you from grabbing your seat at the table.

STOP IT. Just stop it. Right now.

You are valid in all your clumsy, awkwardness. Your differences make you truly exceptional and you BELONG.

Subscribe to the newsletter here and don’t ever let your thoughts or another person EVER tell you again you don’t deserve that seat:

Co-Women; coworking, events and membership for ALL women.

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